Fluorite Fetish Necklace


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The birds and the bears…. a necklace symbolizing happiness, prosperity and protection.

But symbols are irrelevant when such a deliciously moonstruck, magical material captivates with its delicate lilac colors.

Translucent fluorite – an unusual choice for fetishes – is carved into classically stylized birds and bears, separated by dark brown shell heishi.

They form two strands that show off a wonderful silhouette as well as that other-worldly lavender hue.

What to wear it with? Everything! The ethereal lavenders in this necklace look lovely against black, navy, red, grey, brown, white, green, yellow….

Put it against almost any color, including oranges and purples, and it will look beautiful.

True to tradition, yet beyond it, as well, this is a fetish necklace for today.

Equally comfy with pants or petticoats, you can make this enchanting necklace your signature, and bask in the compliments.



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Natural Fluorite, Baby Olive Shell


29" L