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Flowing Water Earrings


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This award-winning jeweler keeps delighting us with his creative variations on a minimalist, but traditional, theme.

These striking – and very wearable – earrings are perfect for work, but easily work well with jeans and tees, too.

A trio of raised and polished, wavy lines fan down from the apex of the triangular form.

They glisten like running water, against the darkened, matte silver background. Water is powerful good luck, in the desert.

A tiny silver dome at one corner, keeps the eye from flowing outward with the water, and also suggests the sun, balancing the watery theme.

The sinuous lines are overlaid on the matte background.

Their high polish and graceful curves form a refined and handsome design that is sophisticated, modern, and understated, but  traditional, too.

Simple, stylish and versatile; beautiful design, beautifully executed, by an award-winning artist.

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Sterling Silver


1" L x 5/8" W