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Flowing River Cuff


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This younger artist has earned continual recognition from collectors, and many awards from the most prominent Native art shows.

He says, “The oral history of my people, handed down to my generation, fuels my artistic pursuits.”

He uses his cultural heritage as inspiration for his jewelry designs, always creating something different from traditional Native looks, and always with flawless workmanship.

This attractive bracelet is a case in point: the seemingly abstract design actually depicts the most precious element on the Navajo land – flowing water.

Water is the source of life, everywhere. In the high desert, it is even more precious, and a balance of water and sun, land and rain, leads to good health, prosperity, and happiness.

The graceful band that meanders around the center of the cuff is textured and darkened.

With a raised and polished edge, that borders it on both sides, it represents a flowing stream.

The various stamped and chiseled designs that decorate the flat sides of the cuff represent drops of rain, falling rain (the parallel lines), clouds, etc.

Only the raised river lines are highly polished; they gleam, in contrast to the lightly brushed finish of the cuff.

This second-generation jeweler has used his traditional lore to fashion a modern bracelet of unusual appeal.

A piece of wearable art, it will be admired for generations.

This is a bracelet for all seasons. Like a chameleon, it adjusts to whatever you wear.

Alone, or stacked with others, this is a cuff to covet, and enjoy.

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Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 1/2" + 1 1/2" gap |7" all around