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Flowers Feathers and Corn Pot


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This charming young lady has powerful artistic genes (Dad is celebrated sculptor Cliff Fragua), and a lyrical, feminine touch all her own. On a beautifully formed jar, she has beautifully painted a collection of traditional motifs, including a cornstalk, symbol of abundance, good health and happiness.


Her recognizable style consists of flowing lines, elegant shapes and bold, but muted, solid colors. A large-scale flower decorates one side, framed by a border that follows the pointed form of the petals and leaves. On the opposite side, an original arrangement of stylized feathers and leaves flank strong bands of russet and browns. These are continuations of the flower outlines on the other side. In between, are graceful cornstalks, with a trim line of vertical roots above a rain sign.


Strikingly modern in appearance, the meticulously delineated designs are actually very traditional, but arranged in a novel, creative way. Fresh and lovely – like Tablita herself.

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Natural Clay and Clay Slips


5 1/8" high x 4 5/8" diameter