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Flower-Stamped Copper Cuff


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Bargain hunters look sharp! This gorgeous copper cuff is by a young jeweler who is new to us, and the medium, so the cost is modest.

Like many young artists, he uses copper to conceptualize his ideas, which is not as expensive as silver. Unlike most, however, he hand makes all of his own stamps, using any available material sturdy enough to work with. This piece is his first attempt using a few of his newly made stamps!

Judging by the sturdy gauge of the copper, the unique and lovely design of the hand stamping, and his meticulous workmanship, this young man will go far, so catch him as he prepares to soar.

Decorating each edge of the handsomely rounded and gleaming copper cuff, is a row of charming little blossoms.

Here and there, a flower emerges from the row, to stand out on its own. This is unusual and delightful.

At each end of the bracelet, there is a denser cluster of these flowers, creating a lush arrangement.

From afar, the design is merely of decorative stamp work, but up close, each little flower is distinct.

On the inside, the artist has stamped his initial C, flanked by stamped hearts. Evidently, he loves his work, and being able to share it.

We love Cody’s work and sensibility, too, and are eager to see what he will bring in next.

In the meantime, make the most of this incredible opportunity to acquire a beautifully designed and executed cuff!



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Wrist Size

6" + 1" Gap | 7" all around


1" w