Floral Pattern Olla


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Daughter and granddaughter of noted potters (mother is Marie S. Juanico), D.J. first made pottery at the age of 5. She’s come a long way, as can be seen in this beautiful olla.

Aside from exemplary pottery skills, her prize-winning pots are usually small versions of historic pots. This one is elegantly larger.

As seen in the last photo, below, she includes the date of the original design along with her signature and Corn Clan symbol.

Impeccably formed, this olla has a serene, monumental look; it could be huge, the proportions are so well done.

The dramatic, yet lyrical, design is both familiar and refreshingly different, but historically accurate.

Tulip and floral designs float across the pristine white background, as if wafting in the breeze.

Hand gathered and mixed clay has been coiled, smoothed, burnished and decorated with red clay slip – mixed with white for the pinkish petals – and wild spinach plant paint, all by hand, of course.

Each of this award-winning artist’s pots is a little masterpiece.

You can fit a considerable number of D.J.’s perfectly formed little ollas on a small shelf, so these beautiful pots are the perfect solution for collectors whose taste exceeds the available space.



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