Five-Strand Turquoise and Heishi Necklace



Heishi necklaces are beautiful workhorses; they go with every sort of neckline, in every season, and amortize quickly because of their wearability.

Josephine is famous for her hand-cut heishi (hand-cut, little disks of shell or other material), and has won prizes for some of her own designs.

Now, she is getting older, and making fewer pieces.

In this lovely necklace, she used stabilized turquoise “bubbles”, along with her tiny shell heishi.

The dark brown shell goes beautifully with the warm teal of the turquoise beads.

Together, they make a delightful necklace that makes a quietly dramatic statement, and pairs happily with casual, as well as business and dinner clothes.

Wear it every day, with everything in your wardrobe, and enjoy the compliments that will follow.

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Natural Baby Olive Shell | Stabilized Turquoise


19" L