Five-Strand Red Shell Necklace


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Good enough to eat, but better to wear. The rich reds of natural, spiny oyster shell rounded beads look like tiny cranberries, but will keep fresh forever.

The rich variation of (natural) color is the result of meticulous – and very tedious – sorting by the artist, in order to vary the individual beads to produce an effect as lively as possible.

What matters in the end is the result – a stunning necklace of classic simplicity and rich, flattering color that is also surprisingly neutral, and that can be worn constantly.

Twisted, as in the main photo, it has a tailored allure; draped naturally, as in the secondary photo, it has a somewhat more casual look.

A wonderful piece to throw on with almost anything, for any occasion. Even decorate the Christmas tree between wearings!

Lightweight to wear, but heavy on good looks, this is truly timeless.

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Natural Olive Shell, Natural Spiny Oyster Shell, Sterling Silver


18 1/2" long