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Five Stone Inlay French Clips


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This famous artist, celebrated for his generous mentoring as well as for his prize-winning work, has given the unexpected materials center stage, keeping the silver work to a supporting role in these handsome earrings. The palette is rich with color, the design is simple and geometric, the stones are quite far from ordinary, and the result is arresting.


Velvety, dark green jade sets the tone of quiet elegance, with four other materials arranged below it. On the left, white chalcedony lends its mellow translucence, while fiery rosarita creates a red line in the center. On the right, a horizontal band of black jade echoes the matrix in the turquoise-like calcasiderite. Complementary colors of green and red are surrounded by stones that are similar in hue (the calcasiderite) and ones that are neutral and anchoring.


Artistry extends to the subtly curved form of the earrings, a graceful contrast to the strict lines of the inlay. Chalcedony, calcasiderite, rosarita; not the usual materials found in Native jewelry. Duane Maktima, like other leading artists, likes to explore the use of rare and unusual stones.


Chalcedony was a favorite of the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. A refined form of quartz, it has been the stone most used by engravers, for centuries. It comes in several luminous hues besides off-white. Rosarita is a by-product of ancient methods of gold mining, and so is quite rare. Calcasiderite is similar to variscite, ; almost turquoise, less a few minerals, and with a lacy web of dark matrix. Jade has been used for jewelry for thousands of years, especially prized in Asia. It comes in a range of greens, white and black.


This minimalist simplicity leaves no room at all for flaws, and is therefore very difficult. Communicating timeless chic, these earrings are the work of an acclaimed artist, and will look discreetly sensational in all settings and with just about all colors. They would make a quietly elegant set with a similar ring, elsewhere on this website.

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14k Gold, Calcasiderite, Imperial Jade, Natural Turquoise, Rosarita, Sterling Silver


7/8" square, French/Omega clips