Five Stone #8 Turquoise Cuff

Maynard Garcia


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Silver Corn Studios, on the Santo Domingo Pueblo in New Mexico, is where you’ll find Master Silversmith Maynard Garcia creating stunning jewelry. For over 25 years, Maynard has created remarkable pieces using turquoise, silver, and other precious stones and metals. He is a premier artist and a master of his craft!

Throughout the years, Maynard has perfected his technique, holding dear those who’ve come before him and honoring their work, especially the work of his grandfather. Maynard strives to continue the silversmith tradition in his family and hopes to pass it on to the younger generation of the Pueblo.

Growing up in Santo Domingo Pueblo, Maynard learned the importance of culture and developed a passion for art and a level of pride in both. He realized that he could carry forward the language, traditions, and dreams of his people. Through his art, he takes all the lessons and teachings, bearing his culture to inspire all who are willing to take a moment to notice the beauty and humanity of his people.

Being able to teach his passion means the world to Maynard. He’s always ready to pass his knowledge on. He especially can’t wait to bring his daughter, Christine, into the business!

This handsome piece is a hand-fabricated and hand-chiseled sterling silver stamped cuff with five Natural #8 Turquoise cabochons, and is a fantastic example of the artist’s technique and craftsmanship!

Maynard loves to create, and he is thankful that the Creator blessed him with this gift…a gift that he is excited to share with you!


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