Five Frogs Fetish


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Herbert Him’s detailed animal carvings have given him a notable reputation as an important, award-winning, Zuni carver. Each of his carvings displays all the realistic physical characteristics of the animal, whether tiny or imposing in size.

This extraordinary piece transcends the genre of fetish and is really a small table sculpture, albeit completely traditional in symbolism and design.

Frog carvings go back to prehistoric times, so their importance as a rain-bringing fetish animal is deeply rooted in tradition. As an extension of rain and water, they are also symbols of abundance and fertility; water is the source of life.

This unusual carving includes five detailed frogs, a larger mother frog, and four children. The frogs are facing in different directions, most likely a symbol of the four directions sacred to many tribal affiliations. The dark piece of serpentine that Herbert carved this from has been given a natural ruddy texture to represent the ground and each frog is fully formed, with all of the details, including turquoise eyes.

A special sculptural piece from a special person, any work of Herbert’s would be a collector’s dream to bring home!




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Serpentine, Stabilized Turquoise


5 1/4"


2 1/2"


1 1/4"