Fine-Line Star Seed Pot



This artist comes from a renowned family of potters, at Acoma, and is celebrated for her award-winning figural compositions featuring endearing children, birds, insects and animals.

No whimsy or sweet humor in this dramatic seed pot, just perfectly realized, timeless pottery-making.

Demonstrating her innate ability to create “serious” pottery, this seed pot is impeccable.

The graphic patterns are traditional, but the strong contrast and decorative quality have a contemporary impact.

Hand-gathered, hand-coiled, -smoothed and -burnished clay from the Acoma/Laguna area forms the pot itself.

The crisp, assured designs are painted on with natural color from boiled and steeped wild spinach plants.

The central design is an age-old, Acoma fine-line arrangement, denoting rainfall and therefore, very good luck.

Around the midriff,  she has painted an equally traditional design of leaves and crosses.

This represents the happy result of rainfall: a bountiful harvest, good health and happiness, extending to the four corners of the earth.

More fine-lines are glimpsed at the bottom of this pattern, around the waist of the pot. The bottom of the seed pot is simple, burnished white clay.

With a classic design and form, and contemporary pizazz, this splendid seed pot will fit into any decor,

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