Fine-Line Patterned Mini Olla


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Well-known, and avidly collected world-wide, especially for her delightful figures of children and beasties, this famous potter can do strictly traditional work too.

This little olla is meticulously formed and decorated, in her creative version of a traditional Acoma pattern.

The geometric design is a play of triangle and diamond shapes, with characteristic Acoma fine-lines in the background. These represent rain.

Notice that the pattern of triangles is graduated, growing smaller at top and bottom, and larger in the rounded middle, which accentuates the form.

Completely traditional in materials and execution; entirely hand made, from gathering the clay to firing.

A little gem that differs from the artist’s more usual, darling figural pieces, but which will be a happy addition to your collection of her pieces – or anyone else’s.



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Vegetal Paint, Natural Hand Made Clay


2"H x 2"diameter