Figural Pendant with Kingman Turquoise


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Alex Sanchez is a name synonymous with petroglyphs in the Native American art world.  The younger brother of renowned jeweler Myron Panteah, Alex has a style that is both reminiscent of his brother’s work with petroglyphs while still being uniquely his own.

In this stunning figural pendant, Alex has created an effective contrast of polished silver designs, applied onto a textured and darkened background. These designs include a cornstalk symbolizing the stages of life, a dragonfly meaning good luck, a bear for strength, a naja for protection, five journey symbols which are a metaphor for the pathway through life, a star symbolizing nighttime and the four corners of the world, and eight silver dots symbolizing rain. These are all good wishes covering all day and night, and all living things, all the time.

The back of the pendant, what we refer to as the “inner beauty”, a little secret solely for the wearer, is adorned with 17 stamped spirals, emphasizing the wish for all of the blessings given on the front throughout one’s life.

Atop the body of the figure sits a clear and beautiful piece of Natural Kingman Turquoise.  Its matrix flows between a soft, watery web and a darker, more defined web, a wonderful play on the contrast in the silver below.  It is set with a simple sterling silver bezel so as not to detract from the beauty of the stone, nor interfere with the symbolism displayed on the body of the piece.

At the very bottom of the pendant is a single 14k gold drop, a counter-balance to the blue turquoise on top.  Gold often symbolizes the sun, while blue can symbolize the night, hence the blessings are for both day and night.

Alex is a very talented artist, from a talented family, and his excellent workmanship and beautiful story-telling are evident in this remarkable piece!

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