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Figural Necklace with Coral


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A striking mixture of traditional Navajo jewelry methods and motifs, virtuoso talent ,and modern sensibility. 0

This prize-winning artist is noted for clean and inventive silver work and a contemporary twist to traditional designs. This necklace is marvelous proof of that.

A wealth of creatively formed links, from textured cut-out arrowheads, to gleaming half-rounds, to those glamorous, undulating raised lines, support the figural pendant.

This is carefully and beautifully fabricated from textured and slightly darkened silver, with polished dots at each side of the neck, and a row of teeny, tiny rosettes down the body, like buttons.

These are flat in the center, and polished, so they sparkle in the light. At each side, an open work bar of silver is polished on top, and meticulously chiseled on the outer edge.

A round link supports a deeply fluted half-bead, topped with another tiny polished dot. All this exacting silver work is embellished by gorgeous, precious, natural red coral, set high.

The deep blush of the coral warms the darkened and polished silver, as the embers of a fire glow in darkness. Hand cut, each coral is shaped to represent the face, and the necklace or robe of the abstract figure.

Together, the abstracted symbols of the necklace refer to earth – the textured arrowheads and the red coral – and rain – the sinuously parallel lines that taper down to the figure.

Symbolically, then, this necklace represents very good luck, and the balance of nature, which is the Navajo ideal.

Symbolism aside, this necklace is a consummate achievement of esthetics and execution, as well. Be prepared to accept awed compliments, graciously.

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Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver


25" L including pendant, Pendant is 3 1/2" L