Figural Bowl with Turquoise



Born in Zia Pueblo, the artist married into San Ildefonso and absorbed some of the pottery traditions of her new home.

She is also honored as one of the early innovators of modern pottery, having promoted the use of micaceous clay slips, dual-tones pieces (which require a second firing), and inlaid stones.

This figural bowl demonstrates her highly reputed skill with stone polishing, matte finishes, and two-tone clay, as well as the embedded natural turquoise.

The figure’s  face is tenderly carved. Her long hair curves around on side of the bowl, in a swoop of brilliant, stone-polished black.

The body of the bowl is left matte, but finely smoothed.

The red clay circle repeats the play of round forms and provides a colorful contrast to the blue turquoise.


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Natural Handmade Clay, Inlaid Natural Turquoise


3 1/2" H x 3 1/4" diameter