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Related to Jennifer Curtis, and her late father, Thomas Curtis, Pete Johnson also learned from these acclaimed jewelers.

He continues the family tradition of precise and immaculate workmanship in this lovely and ingenious ring.

That iconic symbol of hope and prayer, the eagle feather, is created in sturdy silver.

Gracefully tapered and curved, the two feathers are beautifully detailed with realistic, delicate, stamping and chisel work.

A raised spine curls along the center of each feather, highly polished, to gleam in contrast to the naturalistic textures.

The diagonal placement of the feathers adds to the grace of the forms.

So far, so lovely, but there is more than just an attractive ring here: it is adjustable in size!

The two feathery  pieces can be moved somewhat, to fit your finger, from size 6 1/2, or so, on up a size or more.

(Please do not constantly adjust the size; once or twice will be fine.)

Striking in looks, meticulously fabricated, and wonderfully practical, too – a masterful ring.


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1/4" – 3/8" W


Sterling Silver

Ring Size

Adjustable 6+