Feather Pendant with Carnelian



One of the few, but prodigiously gifted, jewelers from Isleta Pueblo, Vernon likes variations of this handsome design, which looks like a bouquet of abstract feathers.

Feathers represent prayers and hopes, sent up to the heavens.

Centered among the circle of beautifully regular, overlaid feather motifs, is a domed, natural carnelian.

The background silver is textured but left natural, while the feather forms are highly polished.

In beautiful contrast to that icy silver palette, the carnelian glows with warmth like a fire’s ember.

Carnelians have been cherished since antiquity; here, the rich depth of the stone is a serene island in the design.

A minutely chiseled bezel surrounds the stone, which is set above, and just apart from, the overlaid feathers.

Color, texture, and surfaces, are masterfully manipulated by this notable jeweler, to glorious effect.

On a chain, silver collar or ribbon, this gorgeous pendant will go with everything from jeans to the theater.


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Natural Carnelian, Sterling Silver


1 1/4" Diameter