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Feather Design Jar


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This award-winning artist’s work is traditional, and has a very individual look thanks to the intricate designs that decorate her work.This shapely, smaller jar combines the typical colors and ornate decoration of her work. The entire piece is left in a matte finish on the red clay base, as well as the white and grey decoration. All the colors are either natural clay, or plant-derived pigment.The design is all about prayers for rain. The tapered forms that encircle the hip of the piece represent eagle feathers, which carry the hopes and prayers of the people up to the heavens. Scalloped designs, with lines within, symbolize rain and rainclouds, as do the stepped motifs. Gracefully formed and traditionally made, this charming little piece is loaded with good wishes for abundance, happiness and good health.

Natural Clay, Natural Pigment

Height: 4 3/8″ Diameter: 3 1/4″