“Fasthorse” Serving Set

Don Platero


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It would seem that his ancestors were known for their silverwork way before his grandparents’ day: “Platero” means “silversmith” in Spanish.

His genes are in wonderful evidence, here, in this elegant, hand fabricated serving set – an unusual form, and perfect for a special gift.

This future heirloom is beautifully formed, delicately stamped and chased; the pieces are equally handsome on either side.

At first glance, they do not seem Native in design: Graceful and opulent, hand-stamped, and chiseled designs give the handles a generically luxurious appearance.

Look again – at the ends of the handles, two fine-looking horses gallop off,  on a plain silver plaque with stepped ends, backed by minutely textured silver.

The rest of the designs on the handles are curvaceous, intricate, and sumptuous in appearance. The horses are merely a subtle element.

On the beautifully majestic curves of the fork and spoon, a dainty arc of stamped scallops echoes the rounded edge, with a tiny arrowhead pointing toward the bottom.

Flip the pieces over, and an abbreviated, but splendidly formal design of chased swirls is framed in a tapered rectangle, at the top.

As impressive as this set is, visually and in execution, it is eminently practical; guaranteed to make any meal a special occasion, too.

It is meant to be used for years and years of happy get-togethers at the table, whether for family meals, holiday dinners, impress-the-boss evenings, romantic tete-a-tetes, or whatever.

Impeccable in hand workmanship, splendid in design, and down-to-earth in function, this is a wonderful serving set for a wedding or anniversary gift, a special occasion gift, or for you, yourself, to establish a cherished heirloom of the future.

Fine artistry, good taste, and good food go together.

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