Family on Horseback

Carol Gachupin


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A family group that exhibits the remarkable clarity, precision, and detail that this artist is known for.

From the beautifully modeled and painted palomino horse to the infant in the cradleboard, chewing on its little fist, there is a wealth of inventive, creative touches that are crisply executed.

Each time you look at this piece, you will marvel at something else.

Part of a couple of prominent pottery families, Carol has a clearly individual style that marries tradition – in the materials, and the method – to a highly personal style.

Locally gathered and mixed clays, together with black, wild spinach pigment and touches of turquoise paint, are expertly mixed in an earthy, but vibrant palette.

As fine a painter as she is a potter, the artist’s hand is visible in every little detail: the father’s boots, the hatband and feather on the perfectly shaped hat, the saddle blanket designs, and more.

Notice the long braids on the parents and the little girl’s long hair; the graceful, decorative mane on the horse.

Another elegant, delightful, and beautifully made piece, by this distinctive artist.



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