Family Drumming CIrcle



Drumming circles, are a critical part of ceremonies; they set the rhythm for the dancers, and sing the appropriate, sacred chants.

This male drumming circle includes young and older men and boys (hint: the hairstyles tell the tale).

All the pieces are created by this award-winning potter, renowned for her pared-down, elegantly graceful style.

Five separate figures blend into one ensemble, just as the voices and drumbeats blend together in real life.

Each figure is made in the traditional manner, from hand-gathered clay that is mixed, coiled, smoothed, painted with clay slips, and stone-polished, by hand.

The black color is derived from wild spinach plants; the red and beige are natural clay colors.

Elongated forms are repeated in the graceful oval shape of the drum itself, and the gentle curves are repeated in the figures’ robes, hair, necklaces, even the painted lines on the drum.

Maxine tries to combine the traditional and the contemporary, and achieves a singularly beautiful balance of the two, in subjects, materials, methods, and form.

Mixing perfectly smooth matte finishes, with superbly polished areas and minimal decoration, lends this group a lovely rhythm.

The simplicity, refinement, and lyrical curves are hallmarks of this artist.

Serene and tranquil, her style belies great skill, as well as artistry.

Here, she has achieved a visual symphony of elegant elements that result in gorgeous harmony.


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