Faceted Turquoise Ring


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William Rogers, (“Nakaii” is his Native name) is Navajo, though he’s migrated from the Southwest to the cooler climes of Alaska.

There, Nakaii has been working on reviving his artistic side, after a long absence; this has led him to share his ideas and love of his culture through his work.

Experienced and known as a two-dimensional artist, he is a jeweler too, as this charming ring demonstrates.

Here is something very different, but quite lovely: a turquoise stone that has been faceted, so it glitters like a gem.

The delicate sky blue of the stone has a translucent look, thanks to the way light reflects from each facet.

The graceful – and flattering – teardrop shape is surrounded by a traditional sawtooth bezel, which is set in a shadowbox, edged with silver wire, twisted into a rope.

This blending of tradition in the silverwork, and innovation in the turquoise, is unexpected, but has resulted in a very happy marriage!

Lovely to look at and delightful to wear, this ring is creative and nicely fabricated. And….surprisingly well-priced, too.

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Sterling Silver, Turquoise

Ring Size

8 3/4


Face is 1" L x 3/4" W | Stone is 3/4" L x 5/8" W | Shank is 1/8" W