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Face in the Night Sky Ring


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With a jet black background, dark as the night sky, the other inlaid elements: a spectacular figure with gorgeous opal tablita, silver stars, and a coral moon, really stand out. Polished sterling makes a moon-struck background for the inlay. The colors are iridescent and other-worldly, except for the solid red coral, to harmonize with the night theme and the spirit face. Meticulously hand fabricated, this is a beautiful and most unusual ring with traditional imagery and modern material. They coexist in a very handsome way. This is a solid value; the workmanship is extraordinary, and this ring is a strikingly different, and very wearable, piece of Navajo culture.


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Jet, Lab Opal, Natural Coral, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

10 3/4


Face Size: 1 1/8"


Face Size: 3/4"