Eye-Dazzler “Print-Out” Olla

Frederica V Antonio


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This potter is renowned for her intricately painted pottery, which has won many, many awards.

Each piece is composed of hand-gathered, coil built  Acoma clay, and then painted with her well-known intricate and precise designs.

She uses the traditional, yucca leaf brush, forming the stiff end needed for her tiny motifs.

She says, “I chew the yucca down to about three or four fibers so it’s thin enough to make the fine lines.”

This dazzling olla replaced Acoma’s traditional fine line designs with tiny squares and dots, so the pattern resembles a computer print-out, in some people’s eyes.

Rather than a  vertical/horizontal axis for the design, the pattern moves in a diagonal direction, emphasized by a wider band that winds from the rim, all the way to the bottom.

Keep in mind that the white parts of the design are the base clay, not the brown.

The complex pattern was painted in reverse: brown areas over the white clay, leaving the tiny regular, squares of white clay showing through!

Pure white clay is natural to the Acoma area, and the russet band around the interior of the rim is a clay slip.

The artist’s superb and distinctive pottery can be found in museums, nationwide, as well as in the homes of happy collectors.

You can be one of them!

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