Eye Dazzler Buckle


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This most unique of jewelry artists lives in the Monument Valley area of the Navajo lands.

He fabricates some of the most unusual, meticulously made, and remarkable jewelry seen anywhere – in between helping his mother herd her sheep, and working as production assistant, jeep guide, and even occasional acting talent, for the frequent film projects in the area.

This striking buckle is one of his more traditional, conventional pieces, but gorgeous, anyway.

Taking his inspiration from traditional, Navajo saddle blankets, the artist has fashioned an overlaid design of regular zig-zags, re-creating the woven wool patterns seen under saddles.

Despite the traditional inspiration, it has a very modern look.

Every one of those zigs and zags is cut out by hand, and the tiny dots within the silver bands are each drilled by hand, as well.

The contrast between subtly gleaming silver and dark, black background, is striking; the subtler contrast between the angular pattern and the perfectly proportioned oval form of the buckle, is, also.

This meticulous artist has not ignored the reverse side, either.

It is punctuated with a series of cross forms, made of individually drilled tiny dots, signifying the four corners of the earth.

Beauty and harmony, as exemplified in this design, are meant to spread to everyone everywhere.

The working parts of this buckle are also hand made, and of sterling silver. It will fit a belt 1 3/8″ wide.

Graphic in design, handsome, sophisticated, quietly sensational, and impeccably made, this buckle is eminently wearable, whether you choose jeans or business attire. It will enhance both, and amortize readily.

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