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Extra-Heavy-Gauge Stamped Cuff


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A special find for you with wide wrists! A finely hand-stamped, narrow cuff of 0-gauge silver, hand-stamped on three sides, by a remarkable artist.

Tim Blueflint Ramel is an internationally acclaimed, multi-award-winning Native flute maker, performer, and educator, who now makes jewelry, as well.

His hand-wrought jewelry reflects the same meticulous craftsmanship, utilizing fine materials, such as this zero-gauge silver cuff.

Not part of his Northern Plains heritage, silver jewelry-making is part of his personal heritage, sparked by watching his grandmother create pieces in her studio.

Zero-gauge means that it is the heaviest weight of silver.

When weighing silver, the lower the number, the heavier the silver; ordinary weights for bracelets are in the 14-20-gauge range.

This entire bracelet is solid, not boxed.

Darkened all over, it presents a pewter-like finish. It is stamped with the same pattern on each side, with a different pattern in the center.

Nicely shaped, and handsomely designed, it is expertly fabricated by hand.

Exceptional in its solidity and weight, it will fit comfortably, because the weight is evenly distributed all-around your wrist.

Darkly handsome, as well, this is a truly remarkable bracelet; a real prize for you with a large wrist.

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Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

6 7/8" + 1 3/8" gap | 8 3/8" all around


1/4" Thick, 1/4" W