Exceptional, Heavy Gauge Stamped Cuff


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“A self-taught jeweler, like many others, unlike many others, (Aaron John’s) work is fresh, individual, and beautifully made.” That is the judgment of a recognized specialist in Indian art.

This handsome cuff relies on geometric simplicity, sharp contrast, and rigorous perfection in its fabrication.

Composed of extra-heavy-gauge silver, the top is deeply carved into five parallel bands, some minutely hand-stamped, some left plain and softly gleaming.

Each band is equal in width; the plain bands at the outer edges alternating with a meticulously hand-stamped row of “eyelash” stamps that face outward from the center.

In the center of these stamped rows, there is a stamped circle of the same size, joining the two designs that seem to flow out, to each end of the cuff.

The background of these hand-stamped bands is darkened with acid, so the silver stands out in graphic contrast.

The edges of the cuff extend very slightly from the center and are also darkened, which sets off the plain, burnished areas.

From the top, the design is a series of parallel bands, some burnished, some narrow and very dark.

The dark and narrow lines are actually the base silver, carved (or chiseled, since it was done on metal) deeply so that the bands on top seem to float above it. You can see that at the edges.

And…on the inside of the bracelet, there is an entirely different, and delightful design!

Also, hand stamped, but on the flat silver cuff, there are five rows of four different stamp designs, including circles, and triangles with vertical parallel lines,

These elements symbolize raindrops and rainfall. Water is great good luck, on the arid lands of the Navajo.

The stamping is flawless, decorative, and significant: it reflects the Navajo concept of  “beauty all around us”, even above and beneath.

The stamped design on the interior, which almost looks like weaving or embroidery, is a beautiful secret for the owner to share, or not.

Flawlessly fabricated and beautifully designed, this bracelet reflects Navajo spirituality in a dramatic, and wearable, way.

A beautiful, distinguished cuff that is good luck, indeed, for the man or woman it fits.

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Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 1/2" + 1 1/2" gap |7" all around


1/4" Thick, 1 1/8" wide