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Everlasting Rosebud Pin – Single Rose


Exquisite, detailed silver rosebud with leaves at either side, curling out and forward.

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Celebrated for his realistic, hand-wrought, figural pendants, this extraordinary artist turns his talent to the natural world, and invites you to smell the roses – metaphorically. This incredibly beautiful silver rosebud has no aroma, but its beauty will never wilt or fade.


The realistic detail of this exquisite rosebud is astounding. From the etched, curled, and curved leaves, to the tightly wrapped petals, and the little tendrils from which they emerge, this is a rose by any name. Polished to glitter and gleam, with the dainty texture on the leaves for a gentle contrast, the universally admired grace and beauty of the rose is conveyed superbly, to be cherished forever.


Each and every element has been formed and soldered separately, and finished to perfection; Art imitating Nature, and improving on it!  A perfect gift for a special someone: mother, grandmother, sweetheart, wife, new mother, graduate; you know who deserves this incomparable pin, and who would appreciate the exceptional artistry, and your thoughtfulness.


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Sterling Silver