Evening Scene

Bennie Nelson (Yellowman)



Known best for his powerful portraits of Plains warriors, this gifted, award-winning artist shows his more contemplative side here.

This equally masterful, but more serene, watercolor is inspired by his wife’s Kiowa heritage, as is much of his work.

The sun is setting; gentle dusk is approaching the encampment.

The sky is cloudless, there is no wind; all is calm and peaceful.

People have gathered around their home fire, in one teepee. It glows from within, against the dimming light.

With complete control of the medium, the artist has created a scene of universal appeal.

Everyone has experienced a moment like this at some time, when the world seems to hold its breath, and all is tranquillity and comfort.

The fire-lit teepee, smoke rising straight up into the still air, is a point of warmth.

Except for the fading glow in the sky, cool hues predominate.

A lovely rendering. Looking at this picture is as calming as meditation!

All ready to hang, with custom matte and frame, and archival paper.

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