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Etched Kachina Bowl


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“Dalawepi”  means “colors of the rainbow”. That is the name this gifted potter signed on his pieces, and symbolized on his work.

Half Acoma and half Hopi, he incorporated Pueblo traditions in his work, for a wholly original style.

His traditional Mimbres and Hopi designs, expressed in novel ways, have attracted lots of well-deserved attention and collectors.

This dramatic bowl is typical of his exacting and decorative style.

The original hand-gathered clay base was smothered with dried horse or sheep manure, while firing in the ground, resulting in an indelible black color.

This chemically triggered change of color was then stone-polished, and the elaborate Kachina designs were etched. By hand, of course, every step of the way.

His signature, rainbow-colored background effects were created with natural minerals, and even pollens, brightening the textured clay.

This typically striking bowl features four different kachina dancers, with bears and wolves etched between them.

Bears are powerful symbols of protection and invincible strength and hunting savvy; wolves have strong hunting powers, as well.

The rim is speckled with tiny dots, representing raindrops.

The general theme is good luck in finding abundant food, through hunting, and – with the help of enough rainfall – farming.

With the glossy back surface a contrast in texture and color to the matte, grainy background, this bowl is as handsome as it is full of meaning.

Happiness, good health and prosperity come to you with this bowl, as well as abundant beauty.

Although Ergil died, quite young, several years ago, we found this piece hiding in our inventory, and are happy to offer it at the original price.

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Natural Handmade Clay and Natural Pigments


2 1/2" H
3 3/8" Diameter