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Etched Dragonfly Seed Pot


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Like her equally talented children, Bernice Naranjo favors designs from the natural world around her.

This enchanting seed pot has incised wild roses, dragonflies, and bees artfully strewn around its lustrous, stone-polished background.

There is a different view from every angle. Notice how the dragonflies overlap parts of the roses, for a three-dimensional effect.

Appropriately for a seed pot form, the elements of the design relate to the propagation of plants and crops.

Dragonflies also represent water, which is necessary for growing things.

A thoroughly delightful piece: perfectly formed, with beautifully detailed, meticulously etched designs.

The gentle contrast between the buff clay and the rich chocolate of the fired exterior is especially lovely.



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Natural Handmade Clay


2 7/8" H x 3" Diameter