Etched Black Seed Pot


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Seed pots were made to winter-over seeds in anticipation of the next planting season. They were nearly completely closed, with small holes, so vermin would not get at the seeds.

This modern seed pot contains a lot of tradition, despite its super-sleek looks.  The maker, has been called  “a fine up and coming young artist related to the Moquino family”(of potters).

Needless to say, the pot is totally traditional in fabrication: local clay, gathered, mixed, coiled, smoothed and etched by hand, fired in the ground, and polished with a hand-held stone.

The stone-polishing turns the finish from flower-pot matte to this glistening patent leather look.

Nicely shaped, the appealing pot is etched in a trio of abstract bird designs that swirl around the top, as if protecting the seeds within.

These are probably meant to be eagles, or eagle feathers, which would protect the seeds and carry prayers for an abundant harvest up to the heavens.

The sgrafitto design gracefully emphasizes the rotund form of the piece, but it is the glorious finish that catches the eye.

Superb stone polishing is a hallmark of this artist, which proves that fine work is not a feature of the well-known artists, alone.

Sometimes, we get lucky, and find a piece that would be so much more expensive if the name attached to it were famous.

So salute the maker, and enjoy the beautiful pot, as well as the price!

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