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Etched and Painted Keyholder Plaque


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An ingenious, creative innovation by a Hopi artist; a fascinating alternative to painting on canvas, and really useful, too.

A handsomely modulated palette of brown, dark red, gold, and black emphasizes the rectilinear design that was etched onto the shaped wooden base and then painted.

The center motif is stepped, referring to the great good luck of rain, while a varied collection of familiar pottery designs, tumbles around the edges.

In the center, the natural grain of the wood is especially noticeable, adding a bit of texture to the whole.

Sturdy pegs are meant to hold your keys, but why not your bolos, or necklaces? Its function is up to you!

A richly hued, imaginative work that will be admired for its usefulness, as well as its beauty.

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Acrylic Paint, Wood


14" L X 5 3/8" W x 2 1/2" Deep including pegs