Engraved Ring with Turquoise


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College graduate, active bull roper in rodeos, and horse trainer, Shane has also won the prestigious, peer-voted “Artist of the Year” award from the Indian Arts and Crafts Association, among many others.

Involved with the organization sponsoring Santa Fe Indian Market, he is also active in protecting authentic Native American arts from overseas, and home-grown, fraud.

Oh, he also creates prize-winning jewelry, like this exquisite ring.

This shimmering, silver piece comprises different techniques, all done to perfection and all done entirely by hand.

Set in a narrow shadowbox, and held tight by a glistening toothed bezel, the center showcases a handsome, natural Carico Lake turquoise.

Domed and bright green, the stone has an interesting, crackled matrix pattern.

A sturdy rope of sterling silver encircles the turquoise; this is all raised above the unusually shaped silver shank.

Not quite rectangular, and not quite curved, the horizontal band of the shank is covered with delicate chased designs that give it the look of satin brocade.

These continue around the sides, all the way to the very narrow back of the shank.

Leafy forms, at each side of the center, yield to a flower, continuing with graceful arabesques and dainty texture.

“Chasing” is another term for artistic and elaborate engraving.

Both rugged and delicate, this ring is a marvel of design matched by skill.

Remember the list of this artist’s accomplishments, and let’s be thankful he finds the time to offer us this sort of beauty.

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Natural Carico Lake Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Ring Size



Stone is 1/2" Diameter | Face is 1" W x 5/8" H | Shank is 1/2" W in front 1/8"W