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Engraved Pendant with Turquoise


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College graduate, rodeo bull roper, and horse trainer, Shane has also won the prestigious, peer-voted “Artist of the Year” award from the Indian Arts and Crafts Association four times, the only person to do so!

Shane has been involved with the Native Art World from all sides, from working with SWAIA (Santa Fe Indian Market) to educating others about fakes and frauds, and of course, as a prominent award-winning artist!

This elegant pendant includes sterling silver, 14k gold, and a small piece of beautiful Natural Kingman Turquoise.

The pendant was inspired by a necklace Shane had made previously, and he produced a few pendants as standalone elements of the award-winning necklace.

This beauty is completely hand fabricated and hollow-form, meaning that the circular body of the pendant is hollow on the inside, a less common and more difficult technique to master!

Hand engraved with a flower and vine motif that features a 14k gold center, the flower and vine are representative of the blooming and growth all around us as well as what’s needed to sustain us. The turquoise is a symbol of water and the sky that our precious rain falls from.

This stunning pendant tells us a story about life, growth, and sustenance, something we can all appreciate. Able to be worn dressed-down, or with your finest evening gown, your look will always be taken to another level with this special work of art!

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1 3/4"




14k Gold, Natural Kingman Turqoise, Sterling Silver