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Emerging From Spirit


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A multiple award-winning potter, famous for his marvelously sculpted clay figures, the artist also casts his work in bronze. He keeps the editions strictly limited, and oversees the final patination himself, releasing each only if it meets his approval. The following is a description of this beautiful piece in his own words:

“The Pronghorn Antelope is the beginning of a series. It is a limited edition of 30. This is an exploration from within about the relationship of Pueblo People, Ceremonies, and the Honoring of Wildlife that nurtured our People, spiritually and physically. ‘Emerging from Spirit’ has images carved onto his body; the circles increasing in size represents the evolution of the antelope’s soul. On the other shoulder blade is a segmented circle; this represents the soul that gives guidance during the experience of a physical lifetime. On the hindquarter is the moon, the star, and the sun to recognize our placement in the heavens. We can also draw the analogy of the moon representing the mother, the star; the child, and the sun; the father. Lastly, an arrowhead on his other hindquarter represents the relationship between humankind and this animal and how each serves the other.”

In the Pueblo way, the hunter respects and admires the prey, who helps to keep humans in good health. Gorgeously graceful, and seemingly caught in mid-trot, this antelope is almost lifelike. The patination of the bronze is wonderfully naturalistic, and this lovely creature is the personification of nature’s beauty.

The artist, named a “Treasure of New Mexico”, along with his jeweler wife, has combined his spirituality and creativity in this extraordinarily beautiful sculpture.


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Cast Bronze


21 1/2" high x 16" long x 7 1/2" deep