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Emerald Valley Turquoise Nugget Necklace


6-strands of varied green turquoise little nuggets from Emerald Valley, Arizona. round silver ends.

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Appropriately named, the Emerald Valley mine in Arizona produces turquoise in a variety of rich greens. These six strands of little nuggets comprise a wide range of greens, from pea-soup to almost brown. The adroit hand of this artist, famed for mixing stones and colors, has created a symphony of beautiful greens that will complement reds, oranges, purples, and yellows, as well as navy, brown, beige, black and white. Any other colors will also look wonderful with this lush swoop of greenery. The plumply round silver cones add just enough sparkle.

The turquoise is stabilized; hardened, so it could be cut and polished, but real turquoise, merely not as hard as some. The wonderful array of different, naturally occurring, greens is fresh and lively, much more animated than if the little nuggets were all one color. Fill in the neckline of a shirt or blouse, embellish a collarless top; this will enhance your whole wardrobe.

Freshen up the winter, celebrate Spring, cool down summer heat, and complement autumnal hues, with this wear-with-everything choker! It will amortize in no time.

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Stabilized Emerald Valley Turquoise


18" long