Embossed Paper Kokopelli

Dawna D


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Dawna D was a little round firecracker of an artist. She made pottery in the traditional way she learned at Santa Clara Pueblo, although she was, herself, Navajo; large ollas, figures, and all sorts of pieces.

She also engraved glass with Navajo and Pueblo motifs, everything from small pieces to hang in a window, to functional sets of glassware, to entire tabletops.

And, she made paper by hand, then embossed it in different designs, as in this Kokopelli print. A small edition, this is number 30 out of 50.

For the Navajo, Kokopelli is a flute-player, and that is how he is shown here. The design is best seen when light is thrown from the side.

Natural red coral makes vivid accents, against the white paper.

Dawna D left this world several years ago, but we still miss her, and were delighted to find this example of her work.

The piece has been archivally matted and custom framed.

Ready to hang, this is a creative and graceful representation of an ancient symbol, by a remarkably multi-talented lady.

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