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Elongated Lapis Pendant


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It is true that artists never really die; their work lives on for them. We stil mourn the loss of Henry Rosetta, a longtime and dear friend (as well as an unusually creative and versatile artist), but we finding another piece of his beautiful work brings him back to us, and will bring pleasure to the new owner, and all who see it.


A long, luscious piece of lapis is set in an organic form of silver that echoes the shape of the stone. Sprinkled with sparkling points of pyrite (fool’s gold) – a lovely characteristic of fine lapis – the stone looks like a star-studded night sky. It is raised above the surrounding silver, snugly enclosed in a simple bezel that is lightly chiseled all around.


If the lapis resembles the sky, the silver background complements the idea with cloud-like curves in softly flowing forms. At top and bottom, stylized feathers are carved into the silver, symbolizing prayers and hope rising to the heavens. A fixed, sturdy bail, chiseled to look like two wires, complements the pendant design.


Simple, but gorgeous, this pendant is worth of the memory of this modest, but prodigiously gifted jeweler. It will carry his artistry wherever the luck owner takes it, giving pleasure to everyone.

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Lapis, Sterling Silver