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Elongated Inlaid Pendant


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Henry Rosetta, a very creative artist who translated tradition into marvelously contemporary, and imaginative pieces, recently passed away, to our sorrow. Happily, we still have some pieces of his, like this beautiful, untypical pendant – unusual even for Henry.

In this pendant, the artist’s trademark of inlaid  slivers – turquoise, in this case – is seen on the bail. The main body of the piece is comprised of a patchwork of stones and shells. Raised a bit above a frame of textured sterling silver, random shapes in a multitude of blues and iridescent shells are sparked by an accent of brilliant red coral. All materials are natural, of course. Listing the stones and colors sounds like a real mash-up, but artistry has made a pleasing composition; a striking medley of color and textures, held together – literally – by the silver.

The polished silver bail is faced with inlaid slivers of bright blue turquoise, echoing the largest piece in the pendant. This was the artist’s creative version of the cut stone heishi that his tribe is famous for. A fine example of bringing tradition into our era.

A handsome result of this artist’s imagination and creativity, this pendant will beautifully set off almost every color or neutral. We only wish we could look forward to more from this wonderful jeweler.


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Coral, Lapis, Abalone Shell, Mother of Pearl, Sterling Silver, Turquoise, White Clam Shell


4 1/2" long x 1" wide