Elaborate Dragonfly Cuff


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This is an “Excuse me, may I look at your fabulous bracelet?” kind of cuff; truly a statement piece, lavishly decorated with blessing symbols, and top-quality stones.

There is beauty in minimalism, and then there is the beauty of baroque, over-the-top ornamentation which this artist prefers, and does so well.

With a profusion of silver motifs applied on a darkened, lightly textured base, this bracelet displays a wealth of good luck signs.

The symbols include water spirals, the hand of blessing and protection, a Sunface, raindrops and rainfall, a bear, and – most prominently – a large and marvelous dragonfly.

Water is the greatest blessing for desert dwellers like the Navajo.

Dragonflies live in and around water, the many spirals represent water, small circles represent raindrops, while the chiseled straight lines around the top bars of the cuff, refer to rainfall.

The Sunface symbolizes the balance of nature; sun and water in proportion to generate healthy crops (and, therefore, healthy people, too).

The bear is a symbol of hunting and survival savvy, as well as protection and power.

Gorgeous, natural red coral, in the finest, deep red, balances all the watery signs with the color of the earth.

The lovely soft green of the natural Royston turquoise is a beautiful complement to the dark red and may symbolize the plants and crops that grow, thanks to water and sun in balance.

Notice that the top edge of the cuff is gracefully scalloped, mimicking a flowing stream.

This unexpected and attractive touch is echoed on the left side of the bracelet, in a gleaming, polished and wavy bar between two straight and chiseled ones.

There are small water spirals on the dragonfly’s wings, and there is, even more, to marvel at.

On the reverse of the dragonfly’s wings, a series of gracefully curving shapes have been hand stamped.

And, following the Navajo precept of “Beauty on the inside….” as well as on the outside, the entire interior of the cuff has been stamped with wavelet-like motifs!

Fabricated with the skill and accuracy this artist is known for, this bracelet is stunning in design, materials, and effect.

A real dazzler!

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