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Elaborate Cuff with Blue Diamond Stone


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Some like it minimal, and, for some of us, more is definitely more.

This astounding bracelet is a fabulous baroque symphony, with an exceptional, natural turquoise stone.

The artist’s father, Gene, a noted silversmith, is also known for his colorful and gorgeous stone selection, and the old styles that are a hallmark of his work.

Looking at this masterpiece of silver ornamentation, and the magnificent stone, Gabe has absorbed the family traits, but in his own, creative way.

Sand cast, with applique work, hand stamping, and chisel work, this is one remarkable bracelet, even without that splendid, natural Blue Diamond turquoise.

The shape, itself, is unique and wonderful: the swirling form is accentuated by the collection of silver ornamentation, from border to border.

The silver is a heavy gauge, commensurate with the elaborate design.

After casting the silver, with chiseling at the center edges, the artist added a profusion of decorative details: stamping along the edges, and toward the center, following the asymmetrical, but book-ended form; a band of impeccably fluted half beads erupting on either side of the stone; tiny gleaming domes sprinkled in and around the fluted beads, and, remarkably, a fully stamped bezel that holds the stone.

The silver is artistically darkened and polished, so that the raised elements gleam, against the darkened, textured base.

An amazing piece; sumptuous, weighted with exquisite ornamentation; a dramatic form full of sweeping animation and a high-grade, high-domed, natural turquoise.

This is a one-of-a-kind bracelet that expects attention to be paid and rewards its owner with everlasting beauty and admiring gasps from others.

Because of the unusual shape, this bracelet fits larger than its dimensions would indicate. It would fit a 6 1/2 wrist or even a bit more, comfortably.

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Natural Blue Diamond Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5" + 1 1/4" gap | 6 1/4" all around


1" to 1 7/8" W, Stone is 3/4" L x 1/2" W x 1/8-1/4" H