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“Eclipse” Dangles


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Monty has gathered awards for his painting, bead work and ceremonial fans, as well as finely detailed tufa cast jewelry.

These unusual dangles exemplify his creative design and meticulous workmanship.

Tufa cast silver dangles symbolize rainfall, with those tapered, polished, parallel lines.

The tops are half domes, textured on the front,and ice-rink smooth on the back, like the dangles.

One half is cut into tiny, raised diamond shapes, as if it were quilted; the other half gleams serenely with a sandy texture.

A vertical line of silver divides the two halves, relating to the vertical lines on the dangles.

Unusual, handsome and tastefully dramatic, these are truly one of a kind.

The artist called these his “eclipse” earrings, so they combine the sun and rainfall; a handsome evocation of the Navajo concept of “Hozh’o”, balance and harmony in all things.

Monty is profoundly immersed in Navajo spirituality, so these are more than merely remarkably striking and unusual earrings.

They represent beauty, and lots more.

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Sterling Silver


3 3/8" L x 7/8" Diameter