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Earth and Sky Mosaic Earrings


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Updated history that will enhance every day in the present, these earrings continue the age-old tradition of mosaic jewelry at Kewa Pueblo. Veteran jeweler Priscilla Aguilar has brought this ancient form of adornment right into the new millennium with an unusual, but effective, combination of stones and colors and refined workmanship.

On a base of pipestone, bits and pieces of royal blue lapis are combined with mossy green serpentine, separated by a slash of polished silver. The dark blue resembles a stormy sky, while the yellow-green hints at the earth. This is not only a modern, chic color combination, but a traditional symbol of good luck.

The stones are set in a stepped design, usually denoting rain, while the jagged silver border between the stones suggests lightning.

A sleek band of polished silver frames the mosaic and the russet base. With a very creative palette and expert technique, this well-known artist has kept her traditional jewelry beautifully relevant to our lifestyles.


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Lapis, Pipestone, Serpentine


2" including wire


1" wide