Eagle Spirit Sculpture

Ron Lewis


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Perfectly sized for displaying on desk, table or shelf, this finely carved sculpture has a handsome power.

It depicts a human figure, whose head blends seamlessly into the head of an eagle, his protective spirit.

Dark russet alabaster is polished to a delectable smoothness in the abstract body.

The heads of both man and eagle are carved with realistic, refined detail, in a pale and textured surface

An eagle feather hangs down from the long hair of the human, smooth and minimally carved, but natural in appearance, even to the darker area towards the bottom.

Eagle feathers represent prayers and hopes, that the eagle carries up to the heavens.

The eagle’s beak and eyes are polished and dark, like the body of the piece and areas of the eagle feather worn by the warrior.

Natural, almost-white streaks throughout the stone, are expertly manipulated by the artist, to emphasize the subject matter.

For instance, on the side where the human face dominates, a fluid streak of pale color flows down from the neck of the face, to the bottom.

It strongly resembles the irregular fold of a blanket. On the face itself, half is pale, as if covered in war paint.

The hair of the warrior, and the feathers of the eagle are carefully etched in different ways.

His hair is looser, irregular, and vertical; the eagle’s head is covered with a denser, regular texture, that is horizontal.

Even the neck feathers, reaching down from the head, are etched more densely, and deeper, than the warrior’s hair.

The base is polished marble, which carries the light hues in the alabaster, all the way from the sculpture’s top to the bottom.

Impressive and handsome, this is a wonderful value, as well.

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