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Eagle Spirit Carving


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Herbert Him’s detailed animal carvings have given him a notable reputation as an important Zuni carver, with work in museum collections.

Each of his carvings display all the realistic physical characteristics of the animal, whether tiny or imposing in size.

He is  one of the few Zuni carvers to have pursued formal art training, having studied with his mentor, the late, great sculptor, Alan Houser, for several years.

This beautiful carving is a table fetish; large enough to display. It is also a marvelous, small sculpture. It is both small, and imposing.

The eagle is one of the six directional guardians for the Zuni, guarding and protecting the skies above.

In addition, eagles are the conveyors of prayers and hopes, from humans on earth up to the heavenly spirits.

This finely detailed eagle, like a n manifestation of the spirit, sits protectively atop a multi-storied dwelling, similar to the Anasazi ruins at Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, and elsewhere.

Every feather, and every tiny adobe brick, seems to be precisely included, in this piece.

In addition, the artist has beautifully utilized the varied coloration of the Picasso marble stone to emphasize the eagle’s wings, and the sun-and-shadow effects on the dwellings.

This eagle is appropriately alert, with a fierce beak, but also calm; guarding and protecting the humans below.

Inlaid turquoise eyes proclaim his southwestern origins!

Carefully and creatively fabricated from one solid piece of stone, this complex sculpture will not only protect your home, but will do it with award-winning skill and admirable beauty.

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Picasso Marble, Turquoise


4 1/8" H x 3 1/4" W x 1 3/8" Deep