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Eagle Offering Bowl


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This award-winning potter is known for expanding boundaries, creating outstanding, contemporary pottery. However, he is also solidly rooted in Zuni tradition.

Here, he fashioned an offering bowl, complete with old-style fetish. It is meant to hold cornmeal, offered, with a prayer.

The bird is an eagle; this sacred bird flies up so high, it carries prayers and hopes up to the heavens.

Hand-fabricated from hand-gathered, -mixed, -coiled, -smoothed, and pit-fired clay, it was also coated with a natural, micaceous clay slip.

The pot has a variety of “fire clouds”, dark and darker areas which are the only decoration, except for the starry sparkles from the micaceous clay.

Abstract in form, the eagle is also covered in glittering, mica-bearing clay, and sports a bright blue turquoise bead for its eye.

Natural parrot feathers add vivid color, and symbolize prayers, wafting up to the heavens.

Very much as it might have been created centuries ago, this offering bowl will decorate your home, and also convey your blessings and prayers; just add some cornmeal, or other grain, or nuts.

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1 1/8" L x 3 1/2" W


Feathers, Natural Micaceous Clay, Natural Micaceous Slip, Turquoise