Eagle in Flight Painting

Farrell Cockrum



This eagle is waiting to land, on your wall. Depicted in brilliant color, here, the eagle is the Guardian of the Skies, carrier of prayers, and sacred symbol, for most tribes.

Beautifully painted, with thick applications of paint. this eagle soars on the canvas, which is ready to hang. The artist has finished all four edges, so there is no need for a frame.

Size, vibrant coloration, and accomplished execution, make this eagle painting remarkable. The painting is a splendid expression of the intensity, power, and flight of the eagle. It is so full of motion, you can almost feel the rushing air, as he flies.

The artist has a mission to share his rich Native heritage, through contemporary art. From Montana, originally, he studied at the celebrated Institute of American Indian Arts,in Santa Fe, NewMexico, and now makes the southwest his home, while painting memories of his heritage.

This magnificent painting is an unforgettable example of his talent. It will be a stunning feature in your home.

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