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Eagle Dancer


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Brother of Pete Sumatzkuku, who is known for his watercolors of kachina dancers, Edgar does similarly meticulous work. This pen-and-ink drawing of an Eagle Dancer shows his precision and attention to detail.

Captured in mid-step, this eagle dancer is in full regalia, and every little fringe, feather and shell is portrayed with scrupulous realism. Artfully arranged areas of solid black anchor the lighter lines.

The somewhat ethereal effect of the delicate lines suggests the spiritual nature that the dancer represents. Eagles soar so high they seem to reach the heavens, which is why they are messengers to the gods, carrying the hopes and prayers of the people down below.

This beautifully realized drawing of an Eagle Dancer captures the solemnity, the spiritual importance, and the impressively elaborate regalia of the ceremonial dance.

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Frame, Ink, Matte, Paper


20 1/2" h x 18" w, unframed it is 15 1/2" h x 12 1/2" w